2018 VGS Zinfandel

2018 VGS Zinfandel
Moon Mountain

2018 VGS Zinfandel

What can we say about this vintage other than "Spectacular"...ok, we can say more...how about "Near Perfect"?!

The 2018 VGS Zinfandel is simply put-STUNNING!
It is a symphony of aromas and flavors filling your nose and mouth with pure pleasure.

Dark red and black berries abound accented by fields of wildflowers, spices as if you were in a Moroccan spice market-this wine is really beautiful.
In the mouth, it take over completely, coating  every taste bud with its weight and presence.

On the finish, its stays with you forever.

We LOVE the VGS Zinfandel 2018-and are so excited for you to taste it!

100% ZInfandel

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