2016 VGS Cabernet Franc

2016 VGS Cabernet Franc

2016 VGS Cabernet Franc Image

The year of the Cabernet's!!!

VGS Cabernet Franc is a rare sight, the 2016 marks only our sixth vintage (2008-2010-2011-2013-2014)!

When you smell and taste this wine you will INSTANTLY fall in love.

The dark aromas will need air to open up and let the fresher, more delicate fruits like raspberries and pomegranate shine. Decanting will also allow for the delicate floral aromas of violets and roses to tease and tempt. Cigar Box, basil, thyme and white pepper are also part of the intense nose. With air the wine really opens up to reveal its true character and unmistakably, THIS is cabernet franc!

In the mouth this wine commands a front row seat! The 2016 VGS Cabernet Franc is full, round, ample, rich and opulent. On the finish the wine is long…it is in the aftertaste that we can see how the wine is going to develop and age.

184 cases produced

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